Pipeline Information

The following information is provided as required by Part 23 of the NGR.  Please refer to the Pipeline Access page for the Epic User Access Guide, standard terms and conditions and contact details if you are interested in acquiring gas transportation services from Epic.

The SEPS has been granted an exemption by the Australian Energy Regulator from publication of certain information on the basis that average daily injections are less than 10TJ/day. Consquently, certain information is provided only for the MAPS.

Daily capacity and forecast flow
Epic provides daily information to the Australian Energy Market Operator on the MAPS capacity, forecast flow and actual flow.  This information is available on the Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board: http://www.gasbb.com.au/

The average daily injection of natural gas into the SEPS is less than 10TJ/day so Epic is not required to provide daily information to the Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board.

Pipeline Information and Pipeline Service Information
The following files contain operational information relating to the MAPS and the SEPS including a schematic map, pipeline receipt and delivery points, service usage information for the prior month (MAPS only) and service availability for the next twelve months (MAPS only).
MAPS Operational Information
SEPS Operational Information

Capacity outlook
The following file contains information about firm capacity available for sale, or that may be available for sale, on the MAPS for the next 36 months.
MAPS Capacity Available For Sale

Information about standard terms
Standard terms and conditions for access to the MAPS have been provided on the Pipeline Access page.  The following file contains the methodology used to calculate the standard price included in those terms.   
Standing Terms Methodology

Financial information
Epic is required to publish financial information about the MAPS.  This information will be available on the financial information page in accordance with Part 23 of the NGR.
Financial Information

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