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Dr Ralph Craven


Dr Ralph Craven

Ralph joined the Epic Energy Board as director and Chair on 1 March 2023.

Ralph has broad and deep experience in electricity and gas businesses, mining, commodities trading, the management of large scale system operations at a national level and the delivery of major infrastructure projects. He provides strategic advice to large businesses regarding governance, complex regulatory frameworks, risk management and development of responses to climate change. Ralph also brings international experience from roles in Switzerland, Canada and as CEO of Transpower New Zealand Ltd.

Ralph is currently the independent non-executive chair of Genex Power Limited (ASX:GNX). Ralph was previously a NED of AusNet Services, independent NED of Senex Energy and Chair of Stanwell Corporation, Ergon Energy Corporation, Tully Sugar and Deputy Chair of Arrow Energy Limited.

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Shirley Robertson

Non-Executive Director

Shirley joined the Epic Energy Board in December 2019 as an Alternate Director and on 14 December 2020 was appointed as a Non-Executive Director.

Shirley is currently a Senior Advisor in the Global Infrastructure team specialising in asset management at QIC, the investment manager of QSuper’s ownership holding in Epic Energy. Shirley joined QIC in June 2018 and is involved in asset management activities across the Global Infrastructure portfolio assets. Shirley’s functional experience encompasses business transformation, acquisition business transitions, organisational and cultural change, with a strong emphasis on corporate governance, compliance, health and safety and risk management. Prior to joining QIC, Shirley held a number of senior roles at Origin Energy, Enzen Australia, ConnectEast (Eastlink) and was Chief Operating Officer at Queensland Motorways (now part of Linkt Brisbane).

Shirley has over 35 years of professional experience across a diverse range of industries including energy and utilities, transport, retail, and banking and finance. She currently serves as an Alternate Director of the North Western Roads Group; the Port of Brisbane Group and the Sea Swift Group.

Shirley holds a Master of Practising Accounting from Monash University, a Post Graduate in Finance from RMIT and is a graduate of the Senior Executive Management Program from Columbia University, New York.

Sylvia Wiggins2

Sylvia Wiggins

Non-Executive Director

In a career spanning 30 years, in Australia and overseas, Sylvia has led transformational business change in a range of sectors including energy, infrastructure, finance, funds management, transport and government and has a deep understanding of strategy development and execution, change management, M&A, synergy realization, public market finance, capital markets, capital allocation, the financial markets, treasury, tax and investor relations.
Sylvia sits on multiple Boards & holds formal legal Qualifications from University of NSW.

Joycelyn Morton

Non-Executive Director

Joycelyn is a highly qualified accountant with particular expertise in taxation matters.  Joycelyn has enjoyed a long and successful executive career, initially in chartered accounting, followed by senior management roles with Woolworths Ltd and global leadership roles within Shell Group of companies, including Vice President, Accounting Services.

Joycelyn has completed a senior executive programme at INSEAD Business School and has held a variety of government and international advisory positions and now sits on multiple Boards.