South East Pipeline System (SEPS), South Australia


The SEPS is an 82km pipeline system that was built in 1991 to deliver gas from the Katnook processing plant near Penola in south eastern South Australia to Snuggery and Mount Gambier.

Following a gradual decline in the availability of gas from Katnook, an APA-owned lateral was commissioned in 2005 to supply gas from the SEAGas pipeline into the SEPS.

Pipeline Information

For information about current nameplate rating, receipt and delivery points and a schematic map of the SEPS, see the following document:

SEPS Operational Information

Pipeline Service Information

For information about pipeline services offered on SEPS, any locational limitations on service availability and the service priority, please see the following document:

SEPS service Information

Financial Information

No financial information is required to be published for the SEPS because it has been provided a Category 3 exemption by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Epic Energy will be required to publish financial historical information and cost allocation methodology under Part 10 of the National Gas Rules from December 2025.

Operational Transportation Service Agreement

To enable participation in the Capacity Trading Platform and Day Ahead Auction prospective shippers may request to enter into a standard Operational Transportation Service Agreement (Standard OTSA).  The Standard OTSA is available here.

Capacity Outlook

Information about the firm capacity available for sale (or that may be available for sale) on the SEPS for the next 36 months can be found here.

Standing Terms

The standard terms and conditions for access to the SEPS are provided on the Pipeline Access Page from 22 December 2023.