Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Safety Is Our Most Important Value

Epic is committed to providing an accident free and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors, visitors and the public.' To do this, Epic has implemented an integrated safety management system designed to ensure the company's workplace health and safety ('WHS') performance is as high as reasonably possible.

Epic's integrated safety management system recognises that good OHS practices and performance are not only critical to the business success, they are the responsibility of, and require the commitment of, everyone at Epic .

Key elements of Epic's integrated safety management system include:

  • Ensuring systems are in place to protect the Health and Safety of all personnel on Epic facilities, as well as the environment surrounding those facilities.'
  • Ensuring vehicle and driver safety standards are communicated to all employees and contractors.'
  • Developing and maintaining systems to promote employee involvement and communication in Health and Safety issues.'
  • Demonstrating effective management of Health and Safety through risk assessments to develop and implement safe operational procedures.'
  • Evaluating and managing processes, equipment, organisation and personnel changes to ensure that safety and environmental risks remain as low as reasonably practicable.'
  • Promoting a health system that ensures employees are not, as far as reasonably practicable, exposed to workplace risks that may affect their health.'
  • Providing a system for reporting and investigating incidents, no matter how minor they may be, and ensuring follow-up and remedial actions are implemented to prevent recurrence.'
  • Assessing compliance with Health and Safety performance standards, good practice and legislative requirements and communicating this to all employees and stakeholders.'
  • Reviewing WHS policy periodically to ensure it remains relevant and effective.
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